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I've been watching this little division of moss in my ghetto highland setup, and something I never expected happened...
20220403_103522.jpg (1.28 MiB) Viewed 1744 times
20220403_103529.jpg (1.35 MiB) Viewed 1744 times
20220403_103544.jpg (1.33 MiB) Viewed 1744 times
Now begs the question what do I do for spore collection?
Part of is thinking 1020 with a dome full of peat.
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Update: Shape change and 1020 tray partially ready
20220405_181546.jpg (1.78 MiB) Viewed 1633 times
20220405_181653.jpg (1.94 MiB) Viewed 1633 times
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Spore launched!

Now the onto the next problem: algae. I do not know of a way to supress the algae without potentionally killing off the moss spores :(
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A surprise sporing from the same small batch of moss!
Augh I'll figure this spore germination stuff out 😤😤
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By DragonsEye
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Very cool! I've never seen sphag sporangia before.

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