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Discuss water requirements, "soil" (growing media) and suitable planting containers

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Hello. I’ve been using the tray method for pretty much my whole carnivorous plant journey, but the mosquitos breeding in summer get kinda annoying. I’m wondering if something like these self watering pots where you top up from the bottom would work on Venus flytraps. Picture is attached below (the pot in the pic is plastic btw). Your advice is appreciated :)
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By Do_Gon
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They work great for flytraps and drosera, in my experience. Refilling my table of about 15-20 of them takes about 5 minutes.
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By Panman
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I have no input on the self watering pots but Mosquito Dunks work great for keeping mosquitos under control in any standing water.
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By davinstewart
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There's a similar product called Mosquito Bits which are just Mosquito Dunks in granular form. They have the same effect but no need to break them up. One bottle should last the entire season. ... YORO&psc=1

As for using the self-watering pots, they should be fine although you won't be able to directly tell the water level. You could also just make your own self-watering pots by getting a bucket and drilling a hole a couple inches up the side. That would give you largely the same effect.

My problem with either of these approaches is that the water will quickly go anaerobic and essentially becomes unusable by the plant. Sarracenia don't seem to mind too much but other plants may.

Then again, better to have anaerobic water than dry soil for these moisture loving plants.

Good luck!

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