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By Kapahulu
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I watched a video on YouTube of a well know CP nursery making rock planters. I was able to find Feather Stone, one of the rocks recommended for planters. The selection of rocks was sparse, and they all were way too large, but i found one smaller one for$30. Looking like a good candidate to make 2.
Cut in half and bored out with a hole saw, I have 2 planters.
The holes are 7x5x5 in one, and 6x4x5 in the other. I should make a small drain hole, because it holds water.
My question is: How much water should it hold? 1 inch, 2 inch?
I know there's probably no magic formula. But recommendations are welcome 8-)
I made a 3x5 bog. The stones will go about 3 inches deep in the back corners.....
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By Apollyon
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It would all depend really on what you're growing but if I were to have a choice between one or two inches, I'd choose one and be conservative about things because it sounds like it'd be 20% up the pot which may not be a problem in summer but in winter when plants go dormant, that could become an issue if you have the water levels sitting too high for too long. I personally try not to let water go up past 1/4 of the way anyway. Outside I'm usually using taller pots to let the plants grow larger but I fill up 1020 trays about halfway. I don't consider myself an expert though lol, and definitely not with bog setups. Nice job though that's a really cool project.

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