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By Cross
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I got a Phalanx, n. Ventricosa x ampullaria, and a bunch of sarracenia rhizomes. That Phalanx is getting that carpet ripped out. And I have to remove the top of that nep as well. I hate star moss. In a side note, how often do you put osmocote in your neps? Do you do every pitcher?ImageImageImageImage

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By ChefDean
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For my Neps, I just use Maxsea. I already have it for my other plants, so why not? I only use it on my plants in the Spring, and only until the bugs wake up in force.
For my Neps, I'll fill up a quarter the pitchers. For my Sarrs, I'll fill a pitcher or two. Of course, only when they're big enough. For my dews, Pings, VFT's, and smaller pitcher plants, I just spray them. All these applications are every other week.
I only use chemical fertilizer to give them a little boost as it seems to me that many plants will grow, but not as well as if they're getting their food from bugs, especially my Neps. They grow leaves, but seem to stop producing pitchers when given chemical fertilizer. However, when they start getting nutrients from bugs, every new leaf produces a pitcher.
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By MaxVft
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Sarracenia2004 wrote: ↑Mon Nov 08, 2021 11:43 pm According to this CC video, people request to have mossy pots... 🤯 :roll:
Only way I'd want moss is if it's good ol' live sphagnum
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By CPhunter101
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Sarracenia2004 wrote:According to this CC video, people request to have mossy pots...
I actually requested star moss on my first two CC orders... The moss just looked so nice with the sarrs!
Anyway, that was before I learned of its harmful effects and how it leeched water from the main plant.
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