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By Jonathan_
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Joined:  Tue Feb 26, 2013 1:00 am
Hi there,

Question 1.
I am thinking about purchasing some Typical Drosera capillaris seed and was wondering if they would have the same genetics as the ones located in the Green Swamp North Carolina?

Question 2.
Does anyone know of anyone that sells "Typical" D.capillaris seed, possibly with origin attached?

Thanks guys.
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By ChefDean
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Answer 1.
The only way to get capi seeds with the genetics of Green Swamp, NC is to get seeds labeled as such, and trust the seller enough to be sure that that's what they are. If you buy "typical" capi seeds, they will have the same genes as some from Green Swamp, NC, but they won't be expressing those same genes. So they won't be able to be labeled as D. capillaris "Green Swamp, NC", just simply capillaris.
Answer 2.
No typical plant, capillaris or otherwise, will have location data attached. If they are labeled with a location, or as a named cultivar, their genotype is specific to that place or variety, so they aren't your typical capi. As to a source, check the seed bank. We have three varieties of capillaris currently available. A typical, a named cultivar, and one with location data. You're eligible to request them all, just one per month.
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