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By Eventerminator
Posts:  154
Joined:  Sat Nov 26, 2016 3:10 pm
What is a good soil media for Nepenthes? I only have sand, perlite and peat moss with me right now.

My ventrata has gotten so tall that it has toppled over. It’s even growing it’s own flower. The current media right now is some orchard bark that has become dry and a bit mouldy
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By CPhunter101
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Joined:  Thu Feb 11, 2021 9:30 pm
You should get some long fibered sphagnum moss and mix it with some perlite. You can buy LFSM from a local Homedepot/Lowes.
If you can't find any sphagnum there, you can use the link below to purchase some from Amazon. ... prefix=sph
The preferred soil mix for nepenthes is 3/4 LFSM and 1/4 perlite.
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By bcavanau
Posts:  154
Joined:  Mon Jun 14, 2021 5:01 pm
I use the following recipe:

3 parts shredded long fiber sphagnum moss (chopped approx. 3/4 to 1 inch long)
1 part sphagnum peat moss
1 part perlite
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By nimbulan
Posts:  2272
Joined:  Fri Feb 28, 2014 9:03 pm
Yes a mixture of long fiber Sphagnum moss and perlite is generally the best all-around mix to use. I aim for 50/50 but it's basically impossible to mix those two ingredients in reliable proportions so you just have to eyeball it.
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By BugBiters
Posts:  86
Joined:  Thu May 13, 2021 6:59 am
x2 orchid bark also makes a great additive. I use a rough mix of 1/2 long-fibered sphaghnum, 1/4 perlite, 1/4 orchid bark, and a handful of charcoal thrown in. Sometimes I add some peat or coco coir if I have it laying around. Drains well but stays damp a long time.

Definitely get some long-fibered sphagnum if you can; everything else is kind of secondary. You can do without it but it takes a lot more work to get a good mix.
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By Nepenthes0260
Posts:  1419
Joined:  Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:59 am
1:1 LFSM : perlite is a great mix for an easy intermediate grower such as ventrata. Some pickier/ultramafic species will appreciate kanuma and/or akadama in their media mixtures.
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