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By Nocturne
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Apollyon wrote:Makes you wonder if you can harden some of this stuff to the sun or if there are more "sunlight hardy" species of this stuff in different locales. Stuff I have grows in a spot where it gets about 6 hours but it isn't unobstructed all day long. I always liked those VFT in live moss pics

Yeah for me they really do care about moisture during acclimation. The ones from MN and NJ did well,one specimen from florida did very poorly and quality wise came with mycelium, nuked with 75mg/1floz azoxystrobin solution, no shrooms since but still dries out easily. Also tried to plant in pure cocnut fiber with snipped off growth head for maximum hormone concentration. Noticed when given enough water/moisture during each 24 hr period they typically just go and not too picky about media or light intensity. Image

Triple washed coconut fiber+perlite^

Dark and light green variety in same condition below

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