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By MickDangs
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Forgot to add picture in
Typical Cuttings taken 10/2020
Typical Cuttings taken 10/2020
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By Apollyon
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Very nice! My own have been under yescoms because my Mars hydro was bring Temps up too high and I didn't want to risk it. recently got a new viparspectra light I've been meaning to use but I need to drop the shelf to do it. I believe they'll color up more than they have. the newest pitchers are actually growing in darker but they're just too close to the light now. Based on yours, I think they would definitely color up more than mine. Of all things, I've seen the best coloring from some T5s but I don't have room on those shelves.
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By MickDangs
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Joined:  Sat Oct 16, 2021 11:34 pm
I don't have a big enough collection for shelf lighting for plants, so I just have a cheap AOVOK full spectrum light. It's not pretty to look at while its on, but they perked up all the plants I put under it and doesn't seem to generate too much heat compared to some other lights I've tried :) . This was my mother plant a year ago with a one month difference under the light. It had been growing with just a few hours of direct morning light for several years before I decided to see how much it would flourish under some growlights and now I've gotten some more lights for my other indoor plants!
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