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By Carnies
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Joined:  Mon Oct 26, 2020 4:48 pm
Lain wrote:Wow.. only 12? I'm impressed! Besides getting water tested at a pet store a cheap tds meter is probably useful. Also, you mention distilled water in the later part but nothing the first time you talk about water. My local grocery doesn't sell reverse osmosis but they do sell distilled. Another place for purchasing reverse osmosis water is aqarium stores.

Well done! I know I couldn't have done anything like this at your age.
Thank you! I will get to the water part quickly!
oval wrote:Have you seen where you can publish your own book on Amazon Createspace?
No, but my mom has told me about that, I'll check it out!
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By Apollyon
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Very nice, you're very industrious. I think its great the amount of effort that went into this. A couple things that I noticed were the emphasis on using LFS as a potting medium and how you use it with your services/plants but your standard repots are peat based. Rewording it will make it sound less contradictory. Another thing to take into account are types/species of plants. Not all plants will enjoy the full sun experience. If it's local only and you're working solely with VFTs and Sarracenia, that would be true but not all Drosera are going to like full sun in California. Perhaps focusing on certain types would be good or putting care tips with particular plants down in the sections you have. I think it's great though because it also encourages you to look up information on how you can better grow CPs.

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