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By ChefDean
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Good evening friends.
I have received one of the donations that I was told may be coming, and I was going to wait until the 1st of November to post them. However, I was notified by the donor that one part of his donation has some specific requirements.
While it is not tuberous drosera, it is strongly suggested that a hot strat is a good thing for these dews, so these will get listed tomorrow in hopes that there may be a good chance to naturally hot strat them for best results while they're fresh. Of course, you could always hot strat them with heat pads as some parts of the country are already seeing snow, but I have no experience with heat pad stratification.
These seeds will be offered with a 48 hour, donors only restriction, so please take into account the hot strat suggestions if you are thinking of requesting these.
Take care,

Edit: In doing research on these, I've found numerous references to them being tuberous due to their germination requirements and growth patterns. But I've also found references to them being non tuberous as far as growing tubers over summer, more like a fleshy root cluster or rhizome.
Either way, the mature plants are very pretty, and, being fresh seeds, you should get some good results.
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By nimbulan
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You've certainly piqued my curiosity, though I'm having a hard time thinking of non-tuberous sundews that would benefit from a heat treatment (maybe D. hilaris?)
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