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By francisfaustino
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“Martha’s Lips” or “Martahs Lips"? - I don't know if any of you are aware of the confusion in various Facebook groups regarding the proper name for this cultivar but I've been doing some detective work to get to the bottom of it. I am in e-mail conversation with the vendor, who I acquired the plant from, and he told me that they originally imported the cultivar from many years ago as "Martahs Lips" which is the name they're currently selling the cultivar.

On a different note, a member of a carnivorous plants group on Facebook posted a photo 4 years ago of the plant. An individual named Paweł Red commented that it is his cultivar which is named after his wife. I messaged Paweł Red and he told me that the correct spelling for the cultivar is "Martha's Lips". I brought this up with my e-mail conversation with the vendor and he said that he believes that the owner of is named Pavel. I messaged Paweł Red again to confirm if he was the owner of but I’m still waiting for his reply. From Paweł Red’s profile though, it seems like he is from Poland. Although seems to not be in business anymore, I found two legacy pages that lists the company’s information and says was indeed based in Poland and the contact person listed is Pawel Red! 😲😲😲

The vendor who I bought the plant from showed me a plants list from 2019 which lists the cultivar as "Martahs Lips". I'm now starting to believe that the list and the name of the cultivar that this vendor imported was the one that was mis-spelled. As I said, I’m still waiting for Paweł Red’s response but if he was indeed the owner of, then, according to him, the correct term for the cultivar is “Martha’s Lips”.

I always label my plants the same way as I receive them but in a rare case like this, I will go by what the originator tells me directly himself.

Further looking into that 2019 list (, I see a number of typo errors.

- Their listing for "Claytons Volcanic Red" and "Trevs Red Dentate" is evident to me why the apostrophe from "Martahs Lips" was lost in the first place.

- An item on their list is called "Fine X Tooth". I'm not 100% sure but I think they probably meant "Fine Tooth x Red".

- The FTS cultivars on the list are also not properly listed with the "FTS" prefix such as 'FTS Flaming Lips', 'FTS Purple Ambush', and 'FTS Marons Monster'. The "FTS" prefix is part of those cultivars' registered names.

- 'Marons Monster' is obviously mis-spelled as well.

- "UK Sawtooth 1" and "UK Sawtooth 2" are also not correct. The registered cultivar names are 'UK I' and 'UK II'.

The people at were not careful with proper labels and it is now quite clear to me where the confusion with "Martha's Lips" originated from.
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