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By rokiux1122
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Joined:  Sat Sep 25, 2021 8:27 pm
I just bought this dying baby from the supermarket. The species is unknown. No sign pitchers. Any help/advice of how to help it is appreciated.
08DE759E-898C-4390-922B-0625684AAD1E.jpeg (2.85 MiB) Viewed 562 times
92FC3F11-4454-4478-B6AD-CBB1C2EB33FB.jpeg (2.56 MiB) Viewed 562 times
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By ChefDean
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Joined:  Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:44 am
If purchased from the supermarket or big box store, it's likely a ventricosa or ventrata. Either one is a pretty hardy Nep that would do fine hanging in front of an east facing window.
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By MaxVft
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Joined:  Sat May 08, 2021 4:17 am

I completely agree. The leaf size/shape looks on par with the 'Vent' parentage also.


They are most likely turning black due to to acclimation to your household conditions from the death cubes they keep in grocery stores. Just snip off the black parts to keep them from getting all moldy and in the next 2-3 months your plant should be loaded with several new pitchers :D
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