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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By optique
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Sold and headed to the Post office ty

So things are starting to cool off and i am making plans to bring in plants. My N. Sanguinea Orange really needs to be trimmed up. I would like to share this plant with the community for the very cheap price of $6.50 + $8.50 shipping a total of $15. Leaves will be trimmed not removed, lower node will be wrapped in freshly picked live spag. Hopefully all 5 will be sold over the weekend. Will cut and ship Monday. PayPal only

I will sell up to 5 cuttings of "N. Sanguinea Orange". If you want a free cutting of "N. Ventrata" just ask.

Add a D. capensis to your order for $5 =)
Alba(all green)
All red
Hercules X Self
Big Pink x Hercules

My photos's of Sanguinea Orange

last year Image
Now Image Image
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