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By Apollyon
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Joined:  Tue May 05, 2020 2:49 am
Hey everyone,

I recently did a massive amount of repots and finally tackled this crazy pirouette I had. It had divided and I left it unchecked. It kept dividing...and dividing...and you get the idea. When I finally had the will to break it apart, I got 18 separate plants from it :shock: I potted a few up individually because I missed having a full size pirouette and I'm doing a couple experiements. Selling them cheap to downsize the amount I currently have.

Anyway ,I have tons of them and I really don't have the room for them so I'm going to sell them for 5 dollars a piece until they run out.

I also have adult flowering sized Moranensis (Sold) and Ehlersiae (2) I separated. $20
P. Esseriana $15
D. Multifida Extrema Small groups of 5 - $20 / Med - $10
Finally, I have 3 Utricularia Humboldtii for sale. $25 (1 left)

Pics Below. Apologies for the stray media :D PM if interested. Thanks!

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By Apollyon
Posts:  1339
Joined:  Tue May 05, 2020 2:49 am
There are 6 pirouette left. I took cuttings from a D. Multifida Extrema last year and let them grow together. I'll be dividing it up. They're small plants but I'll be selling 5 plants (min.) for 20 dollars a group. I also have some medium sized plants I potted separate that have grown outside. Those I'll be selling for 10 dollars a piece if anyone is interested.
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