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By Z_Y
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So I have a pygmy vft clone (see pic). I don't think this one is actually the Neotenic Clone D, as I have that clone too and that one gets much bigger with normalish looking flowers. This pygmy pictured above was not labelled as the Neotenic clone and seems much much smaller, and it produces single tiny flowers on a tiny stalk.

However, over time it hasn't grown much and seems to be worse off than when I first got it a year ago.

I heard somewhere that the pygmy clone doesn't need dormancy? Is that true? Also I heard it might need more tropical conditions than a typical vft? I'm wondering if my humidity is not high enough for these little guys, or if the peat is starting to compact and choke them out.
By Eventerminator
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The flowers look different from a typical Venus Flytrap, didn't know that could happen. I don't have any experience with this cultivar but care shouldn't really be different from any other Venus Flytrap. They still need dormancy and tons of sun, with humidity it's not that important for them.

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