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By Mistydream12008
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Joined:  Tue Aug 10, 2021 6:22 pm
So I bought a Pinguicula Pirrouette online a little over a month ago and she came bare root. It did look like she was in some kind of peat based mix with the grower since some still clung to it. And a leaf was bumped off. No biggie, I propagated that and have pups growing. But I moved it to a vermiculite/perlite mix instead(what I had at the time). She is in the tray method. Distilled water of course But the water evaporates quickly here since its been in the high 80s low 90s. So the tray goes low but not bone dry before I rinse the tray and fill again. Since then she has put out a whole new set of leaves and was looking good in my opinion. Even catching some gnats. But when I went to pull some leaves off the bottom for propagating(can't help myself. I want more) I noticed the roots she came with are dead. But there are also white healthy looking roots there too. Is that normal? Should I be concerened? They looked like they were already detatching from the base cause when I got my tweezers to check the situation the dead ones pulled away easily and left the nice roots in place. Maybe from the media change? Im still new to CPs so I hope I didnt kill her. If so well hopefully ill do better by her pups.Image

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By MaxVft
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Hi @Mistydream and welcome to the forums! I'm no expert on Pings(I have never owned one)but I have heard that the roots are actually supposed to be extremely tiny, only enough to loosely anchor the plant to the soil. Overall your Ping looks just fine, if it is producing 'Butter' then it's all good. But as said before, I have never owned one so we better leave this to the real Ping experts for confirmation :D
By Pupmkinrab88
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I’ve received my ping shipped bare root and the old ones did die off eventually. It probably took 2 weeks ish for it to acclimate so I think yours are healthy!
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By Apollyon
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Pings will do all kinds of things with their roots. Some roots die off over time. They're right, the roots are long enough to anchor the plant and not much else in the way of uptake. The roots in the photo look fine. The plant looks nice. Every so often you'll get some longer ones or it'll launch roots out above the soil line. All of that is normal. Surface layer of my media grow a bunch of moss and hardened up and some of them would have (tens of?) roots around the plant. When I repot, I try to bury them for aesthetic but the plant would be fine either way. They're tough.
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