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Discuss water requirements, "soil" (growing media) and suitable planting containers

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By Julius Ong
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Hi All,

Newbie here. Trying to grow my sphagnum moss. Im using Premier Peat Moss Tourbe as the growing medium. Over in my country (Malaysia), the moss are repack. To buy the entire bag will cost about RM450 (USD 100+) equivalent to 45 Value Meals, so naturally resellers repack them into smaller 1kg bags. That said, there is no way of telling if they are genuine. Since some of you guys are using the same brand, maybe you can help me out just by looking at the images and also see if I did it right.

I read in the forum that you actually need to wash the peat moss however i saw in YouTube, those guys use them straight of the bag.

1. First, I added tap water into PM at it gave a 525 PPM on the TDS meter. My home tap water has a 50 PPM reading
2. Next, I drain the tap water, refill and let it sit for 1 ~ 2 hour.
3. Drain and refill with tap water and i got a 50 PPM reading... YAY!
4. I used a tea cloth strainer that is quite fine. I notice allot of black water coming out every time i wash it. Is it meant to be always black? I mean, would there ever be a scenario that if i kept washing and the water will eventually be clear?
5. So the reading eventually drop down to 4 PPM after washing them with distilled water before i decide to start packing them into my "apartment bog".
6. It is bog enough? more water or just nice?
7. I read you can give them fertilizer once a month, what type are we talking about? any examples?
8. By the way has any body tried Rekyva Professional Peat substrate or Kekkila Professional Substrate. They are both from Holland

After washing my first peat moss exercise, I reckon sphagnum is the way to go, as far as distilled water conservation, the washing process goes and time. No way in harvesting rain water as i live in an apartment. Luckily I only have 1 vft and 1 pygmy drosera to care for.. :lol: I have about a year to cultivate the sphagnum... :lol:

Thanks guys
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