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By idog24
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Joined:  Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:12 am
Earlier this season my 'Big Mouth' was sending up tall leaves without much color. But now that the sun is becoming more intense, it is producing its classic low traps with great color!
VFT4.jpeg (2.03 MiB) Viewed 485 times
VFT3.jpeg (5.41 MiB) Viewed 486 times
VFT2.jpeg (1.87 MiB) Viewed 486 times
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By schmeg
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Like slabs of watermelon.
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By MaxVft
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schmeg wrote: Tue Jun 29, 2021 4:27 am Like slabs of watermelon.
Actually now that you say it, I have visualized VFTs in an entire different way.. weird🤔
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