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By PlantKai
Posts:  2
Joined:  Tue Jun 22, 2021 3:35 am
Hello' new here on this forum. I live in Australia and am currently doing Horticulture at a campus which Im nearly finally finished. I bought some Venus flytraps - Dionaea muscipula because I want to propagate them by dividing them. I got them today and though maybe i could put them in my greenhouse since its winter and they're likely have gone dormant. One problem I was thinking of though is there is quite a bit of water condensation in my greenhouse and worried that if that condensation go into the pots of the venus flytraps that the water may contain too many nutrients. Would you guys say that it would probably be a bad idea to put them in a greenhouse with my issue in mind?
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By Panman
Posts:  1904
Joined:  Wed Mar 04, 2020 8:41 pm
Welcome to the forum! I wouldn't worry about the water. Condensation does not retain the minerals that are in the water. In essence, it is distilled.
By Kray
Posts:  39
Joined:  Sun Jan 31, 2021 1:11 pm
Welcome to the forum!
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By MaxVft
Posts:  383
Joined:  Sat May 08, 2021 4:17 am
Hi @Plantkai and welcome to the forums! Feel free to make a thread here whenever you are not sure or need help on something. X3 to what Panman says :D
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