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By William123
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I have some experience with VFT but this is my first pitcher plant. Bought it online and I am disappointed at the condition in which it arrived. Only one pitcher that looks healthy but it has a hole in it. Other pitchers are all black and dried up. Two leaves damaged because the leaves were wrapped to the pot with plastic wrap for delivery. The stem was cut and don't see any new growth/leaves. Based on the pictures, what are the chances it can grow healthy with new pitchers? How long will it take to see a healthier plant? I read that pitcher plants grow very slowly. I started with distilled water and some indirect light as today it has been cloudy all day. I am willing to be patient with it. Thanks for any advice you can provide.
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By Shadowtski
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The plant looks basically healthy, just beat up a bit at the moment.
This is very common in shipping.
Put it in a bright warm location and it should be fine.
Top water it frequently with distilled water or rain water or RO water.
You should see new growth in a month or less.
The growing tip was broken or cut off so you should see new growth appearing from a leaf axil or possibly a basal shoot or both.
Just give it good conditions, practice patience, and it should reward you.
Just my 02¢ worth.
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