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Ask questions about how to grow and care for Venus Flytraps

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By Big-Jack
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Flytraps don't really die of old age, once mature the old part of the underground rhizome continuously dies or divides off the mother plant while it adds a fresh new section for the current crown growth. That is why you can center the mother plant in the spring and by autumn it will have "walked" off to the side of the pot leaving behind new baby divisions along the way.
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By Panman
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Everything @Big-Jack said is true. I would also add that some cultivars/types of flytraps are more hardy than others. For example, red plants are typically less robust than green ones. Some are more temperamental when it comes to conditions such as light, water, etc. Others may be more cold tolerant or heat tolerant. Figuring this out, however, isn't and easy task. I know that on the FlytrapStore website, @Matt does not particularly robust varieties when it is warranted.
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By Nepenthes0260
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Technically speaking, since Dionaea have terminal monocarpic scapes, after they flower the main growth point dies and is replaced by an axillary node on the stem (rhizome), like sarrs, helis, neps, and cephs.

But an individual Dionaea plant doesn't really have a set lifespan, and if cared for well, it will keep dividing and growing year after year. Some cultivars are more vigorous than others. Nepenthes x Dyeriana is nearly 200 years old, and the genetics are kept alive by asexual propagation (cloning).
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By Panman
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Interesting about the scapes. Does the main growth point die regardless of whether the scape is left to mature or not? In other words, if you cut it, will the plant still put off a new division?

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