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By Hang94
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Joined:  Fri Apr 09, 2021 1:46 am
VFTs will soak up all the water within the day, I have been filling them up daily and about 1/4" to 1/2" of rainwater

I have a feeling that I may be overwatering my vfts?
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By Hang94
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optique wrote:take into account
i do keep them outside, currently acclimating them to the sun 1 hr daily rn
as for the ones in terracotta color pot, is fully exposed to sun for about 8hrs a day
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By optique
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Best advice i can give is tall pots are better try to keep the water level under 25% of the pot. The black treys will get very hot in the sun, the more light you reflect the less heat you have.
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By Big-Jack
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Sounds fine as long as they are outdoors in the direct sun and breeze. During cooler, cloudy spells in NY you should give them a few days of no water in the trays. As long as the media is still damp under the surface you are good.
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By murrkywaters
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I've kept dentate a sandy mic that is wet most of the time as part of one of my mini bog experiments, and it's done fine. I almost lost it when I didn't have a working ro filter and opted not to water for a month (stupid I know) and I did lose some very small b52s because it got too dry. I'd say if the top of the soil is damp you're OK, if it even gets a little dry fill the tray to ¼ of the hight of the pot and let it do its thing. After a while you'll get a feel for when it's time to water. Honestly anything Matt says is good, likewise for the savage garden as a guide. I grow Indoors so take my advice with a healthy heaping of salt.

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