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By Eventerminator
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One of my Sarracenia plants has grown quite aggressively to the point where the crown looks like a 'jenga tower' and is twice the size of the neighbour it is sharing its pot with. It has also what appears to be a flower when it is autumn right now? I unfortunately couldn't take a photo of the flower but it looks like a small green ball in the centre of the crown.
Crown is twice the size of its neighbour.
Crown is twice the size of its neighbour.
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Is it because it was overfed? Can you induce this kind of growth if a Sarracenia is fed enough? I ended up feeding it one big fly and a dead wasp a few months prior to this by accident. I was trying to feed both plants. At this point in time it has caught quite a lot on its own.
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By murrkywaters
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If it was purchased from a northern hemisphere grower or hasn't gotten environmental cues it may still think its time to flower. You can always trim it if you are going to put it in dormancy soon

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By steve booth
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You won't overfeed a sarracenia with a fly and a wasp, in fact, the pitchers rot when they have too many insects in them (common occurrence in nature and cultivation) at the insect line. Sarracenia pitchers are often full of prey, to the point where new insects can get out.
Sometimes (particularly plants with purpurea in them) throw up a flower in autumn, its not that unusual. You can leave it or as it is unlikely to do anything, cut it off.


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