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By Vanval1230
Posts:  39
Joined:  Tue Jul 28, 2020 2:53 am
Hey ya'll. Just showing off one of my dewy pine seedlings! I planted the seeds in August 2020 and they germinated around February 2021. It took a while but I eventually obtained 8 seedlings! I gave one away, leaving me now with 7 :shock:.
I live in a climate similar to their native habitat, Mediterranean (SoCal), so I'm sure that helped!
I'm just hoping I can keep them alive since this is my first try with them.
They look decent so far though, most are in 10" pots, 2 in 12" for experimental purposes. They're also under a 30% shade cloth, though I'm hoping to transition them to full sun soon since they take up too much space.
20210412_163032.jpg (7.79 MiB) Viewed 736 times
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By Vanval1230
Posts:  39
Joined:  Tue Jul 28, 2020 2:53 am
I should have some more to come soon! :)
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