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By Eventerminator
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It's the middle of autumn here in Australia and the bugs have finally started coming out more. Probably because they're less busy dying from heatstroke. I've been enjoying seeing flies falling down towards their death in my Sarracenia's pitchers but I'm worried that they are getting overfed. Is it possible to overfeed them?

Also, they seem to be predominantly attracted to the Leucophylla hybrid? My other Sarracenias don't catch them as often despite having more pitchers.
Guy escaped later. It's just that filled up
Guy escaped later. It's just that filled up
IMG_0444.JPG (1.13 MiB) Viewed 634 times
The bodies are blocking the sun!
The bodies are blocking the sun!
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The one they seem to like the most
The one they seem to like the most
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By MikeB
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Here in North Carolina, USA, my leuco's would stuff themselves on moths during the autumn. They would end up catching way more than they could digest, and the pitchers would die in a ring at "bug level". The fix for this was to let each pitcher catch a few moths then stick a cotton ball in it to stop the feast.
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By steve booth
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Overfilling of pitchers is a common occurrence, as Mike B says, what happens is the excess nutrients from the dead insects, end up burning and killing the pitcher tissue above the digestive zone to the level of the prey, the pitcher forms a ring of dead brown tissue and sometimes the top flops or drops off. But dont worry it is perfectly normal.
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