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By Cabotraps
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Joined:  Mon Apr 12, 2021 7:56 pm
Greetings all. Prior to choosing to add my Traps to my garden jungle here in sunny Cabo, I missed the part regarding going dormant.

The weather here never changes, it’s nice, nicer and fracking hot. Sun misses us maybe 10 days a year.

I’m keeping my four new little ones where they can have morning direct sun then bright light the rest of the day.

What about this dormancy thing?

Thanks in advance. Cabo Rick.
No description as to what kind
No description as to what kind
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By ChefDean
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First of all, welcome to the forum.
Second, venus-flytrap-dormancy-t3142.html
This is a good place to start, full of information.
There are also reports of introduced flytraps in Jamaica, another place that doesn't see much variation in temperature, but it is a few degrees further south in latitude than you. Those traps, and yours, will likely go into a mini dormancy based on light cues only, and yours could benefit by putting them in a spot where it may be darker and cooler in December, January and February when your temps are the coolest. I wouldn't suggest putting them in the fridge, but it is a possibility to give them a good dormant period.
Good luck.
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By Panman
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Welcome aboard, and everything he ^^ said.
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