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By giamar
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Hello everyone,

I have a question relating the feeding of Venus flytrap.
I fed my Venus almost a month ago with a small worm. I made sure that it was small enough to fit the trap and it seemed all ok. But two weeks ago, first one trap died and then a few days on another one died also.. Then I started to notice that the closed trap started leaking some kind of grey/black fluid. I searched the internet to see what it is about and it seemed it is a normal occurrence if the prey is a little too big for the trap so I stayed calm, and also in the meantime a lot of new leaves/traps grew.
So I am not sure if the trap is still digesting the worm and it just needs some more time or it is going to make all the other traps die.

Do You think I should cut the closed trap or let it be?

Thank you :)
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By Matt
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What kind of a worm did you feed it? Earthworm? Yes, those will make traps blacken. But the flytrap will definitely get some nutrition from it in the process. I never recommend cutting off traps unless you see mold starting to grow or until they're completely shriveled up and dry and come off with an easy tug. If a it is still retaining any moisture and nutrients in the leaf, the plant will eventually suck it dry and recover quite a bit of nutrition in the process.

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