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List the plants you grow

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By Jonathan_
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Joined:  Tue Feb 26, 2013 1:00 am
Jonathan's Growlist As Of 2021

PLANTS: S.flava var.artropurpurea (Waccamaw) {Green Swamp, NC}
PLANTS: S.flava var.ornata {Pender Co, NC}
PLANTS: S.minor (Brunswick Co, NC)
PLANTS: S.purpurea subsp.venosa {Carteret Co, NC}
PLANTS: S.xrehderi: {Brunswick Co, NC}
PLANTS: S.psitticana {Florida USA}
SEEDLINGS: Mystery Sarracenia
SEEDLINGS: S.flava var.cuprea {NC}
SEEDLINGS: S.flava var.cuprea {Exum, NC}
SEEDLINGS: S.flava var.flava {Newbern , NC}
SEEDS: S.flava var.maxima {NC}

PLANTS : D.brevifolia {Hampstead, NC}
SEEDLINGS: D.brevifolia {Hampstead, NC}
SEEDLINGS: D.intermedia {NC} (Anthocyanin Free)
SEEDLINGS: D.filiformis filiformis {NC}
SEEDS: D.capillaris {Boiling Springs, NC}

PLANTS: D.muscipula {Green Swamp, NC} (Seed Grown)
SEEDS: D.muscipula {North Carolina Beach State Park NC}
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