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By Bobioden
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Joined:  Sat Oct 10, 2020 3:20 pm
Thanks Apollyon and Matt. I am glad it is growing, it makes me feel I am doing something right. It seems to like where it is at. I plan on just leaving it there.
By AdamK
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Joined:  Sat Mar 30, 2019 5:04 pm
They look fine to me. I have been growing Cephalotus on window sills in the UK for over twenty years now. Used to use a classic Adrian slack medium of 4 parts peat, one part sand, one part perlite. In his original mix, there was leaf mold. Which is quite high in nitrogen. I have never had it. I went peat-free about five years ago and started using coir instead of peat but I had to wash the coir, which is easy for my sarracenias outside as the rain does it for me. However, I got some expensive reclaimed peat which is sieved from the runoff from peat bogs here in the UK. It is labelled in the UK as Moorland Gold - Natural Peat Alternative. It is good but expensive about £16 for 40 litres so I just use it for my house plants. I now use a mix of 3 parts peat, 1 part perlite and one part aquarium sand. You can use horticultural sharp sand but I find the aquarium sand cleaner and I can get it delivered.

I have never had a problem with the sudden death syndrome thing. I just water in a tray sparingly in winter and a bit more in summer. East and west-facing window sills are good, I find that south-facing windowsills too bright for them. A good cloche system for them is the top of a one-litre Coke bottle on a 4-inch pot. It fits exactly and you can then take the lid off the bottle to give more aeration. Once the plants are established remove the bottle top. My current window sill is East-facing. I live in Manchester in the UK.

Cheers Adam
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