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By CPhunter101
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I have 3 drosera Adelaes, one is typical and the other two are 'Giant'. My typical Adelae is growing very healthy but my 2 Adelae 'Giant' are suffering. I've had them for 4 months, they're potted in long fibered sphagnum moss (Chilean). For the first 2 months, the plants were sunburnt and I had to bring them to a sunny window instead of outdoors. After a couple of weeks, I noticed that the leaves were too green and not producing any dew (they needed more light). That's when I brought them outside and placed them under some shade. I slowly tried to bring them to more light over a couple of weeks. Even with all this effort and ocasional sprays of Maxsea fertilizer (once per month at 1/4 strength), my sundews didn't get any better. One of the Adelae 'Giant' already died so I'm hoping to save this little guy.
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