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By ChefDean
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Not busting anyone's chops, but it's easier to put this here than respond individually.
Close to the end of every month I get PM'd by members asking if they can make an early request for the next month. I tell them that, in order to be fair for all, early requests are not allowed. They must wait until 12:01 AM on the first day of the month to make their request.
On the other end, I also get asked if their request made on the first of the month can be for the previous month. I tell them that, in order to be fair, the request for that month must be timestamped by midnight CST on the last day of that month to qualify for that month.
The reason for the midnight CST deadline is because that's where I live. It may be before midnight where you live, but I don't know where the vast majority of y'all live. That being said, if it's within a couple hours of midnight CST, and it's something we have an abundance of, I'll likely say go. If we have one pack, or it's more than a couple of hours past midnight CST, it'll be received as a request for the current month.
I'm not trying to be mean, I just want to try and be fair and equitable for everyone.
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