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By Taricha_granulosa
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Joined:  Sun Jan 24, 2021 11:15 pm
I am so glad to see an old-fashioned forum. I found this community via a link from a very helpful facebook group member who mentioned you folks share seeds and sprouting tips. I was gifted a bunch of seeds and I'm anxious to start my children right, and now I don't even have to go to facebook for that! (because whooo boy, facebook is a cesspool.)

I have an open-air above-ground pond that has a dedicated CP shelf. Right now, all the potted girls are dormant, and the cp seeds I was gifted are in a dark cool dry location (with the rest of my seeds) until I can get a game plan for germination.
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By Matt
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Joined:  Mon Apr 21, 2008 11:28 pm
Welcome to the FlytrapCare forums!
Taricha_granulosa wrote:I am so glad to see an old-fashioned forum.
Isn't it nice to have an actual coherent dialogue that can be easily searched and referenced at any time rather than a constant stream of posts on a social media cesspool?!
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By Taricha_granulosa
Posts:  5
Joined:  Sun Jan 24, 2021 11:15 pm
There are definite upsides to the nested-comment style of some forums, but I've been craving the old-school style for a while, where there's no "wall" or "feed" of garbage that I have to evade before getting to interesting comments. I'm not even that old, but I cut my teeth on forums in the late 90's. This is a breath of fresh air. Thank you!
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By Apollyon
Posts:  981
Joined:  Tue May 05, 2020 2:49 am
Welcome! I also prefer forums because you can go back into the archives. Facebook is a mixed bag. Some are very helpful while others will commit your plant to a death sentence lol. It's a fun place and there's a lot of knowledgeable people on here. Hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions about the seeds let us know!
By Benny
Posts:  515
Joined:  Thu Jan 16, 2020 9:46 pm
Welcome to the forum!

North Cal is getting some snow/rain now (finally).
Power going out in the snow is not fun, though.
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