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List the plants you grow

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By bridex
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Hi, everyone! Thanks for having me in the Forum!


[*]Byblis liniflora (all juveniles, seed grown)

[*]Dionaea muscipula, 3 specimens. Growing seeds, too.

[*]Drosera binata
[*]Drosera burmannii green. Some blooming. Growing seeds, too.
[*]Drosera burmannii red
[*]Drosera indica. Currently in bloom
[*]Drosera spatulata

[*]Nepenthes "Gentle"
[*]Nepenthes "Miranda"
[*]Nepenthes minima
[*]Nepenthes reinwardtiana
[*]Nepenthes ventricosa x alata
[*]Nepenthes ventricosa "Black Peristome"
[*]Nepenthes ventricosa x spathulata
Also starting some seeds of various species/hybrids.

[*]Sarracenia leucophylla
[*]Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid
[*]Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa
[*]Sarracenia rubra

[*]Utricularia warburgii


:arrow: Cephalotus
:arrow: Pinguicula
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