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By Apollyon
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@Matt, I can see that. Savage Garden claims Maxsea will kill them. That isn't the case at all. I have my Regia currently in a gallon nursery pot with 8 osmocote smart release (6 month high nitrogen) pellets along the perimeter and a couple toward the plant. I tray water it and feed it Maxsea once a week and I spray it like a Nepenthes. Like, a lot lol. I'm honestly over here growing it opposite of how they say you should and it's fine. The one thing about it that applied to me too is the temperatures. If the plant sits at like 85+ for a few days, the tips will start to go black. I think for a time I had it at about 81-83 and it was doing alright. Even now with a stronger unit, the temp is 77 with the lights on it. It really is a fun species but it needs more accomodations. It's essentially grown like a Darlingtonia or a Highland Nep. It can kinda tolerate warmer temps if the drop off is significant enough. I don't have the means to supply it something like that so I'm riding the upper limits of its comfort zone.
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By Matt
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@Apollyon, great information, thanks for sharing! Yes, it seems like Cephalotus, Heliamphora, Highland Neps, Darlingtonia and D. regia all need to be grown in conditions that are mild and with very cool nights. Our climate in southern Oregon is far from ideal for growing Flytraps and Sarracenia, but we do have the benefit of always having very cool nights here. It is rare that the night-time lows stay above 60F at any time during the year. That makes it possible for us to grow some of these harder-to-cultivate species.

I was impressed with the Cephalotus this year. They took one day that was over 110°F in the greenhouse and did OK. The tiny ones were unaffected. The larger ones seemed to get stressed a bit but, in all fairness, they were still acclimating to my environment after only having them for a few weeks before the heat wave hit.

In addition to expanding more into Sarrs, I'm also going to try to do more Cephalotus and Darlingtonia. I've got Darlingtonia in TC right now so I should have some to offer by next year. And some of the Cephalotus I planted out in summer are starting to get some decent size to them and are looking nice so we should be able to offer some of them soon too.

Should be a great year for FlytrapStore in 2021 in terms of plants we can offer! We also have quite a large inventory of nice flytraps right now. It's gonna take some time for me to ramp up to offer any nice Sarrs other than the ones I've been growing for 10+ years, but we'll get there eventually. I recently told Leah that I'm really looking forward to the next 5-8 years as I dive headfirst into propagating Sarrs, both new varieties I start from seed and cloning some of the very desirable ones like Saurus, Ellie Wang, Legacy, Waccamaw, etc. Gonna be a super fun journey!
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