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H. arenicola (Tramen Tepui) (AW)
H. ceracea (Cerro Neblina) (AW)
H. chimantensis (AW)
H. ciliata (AW)
H. ciliata (Gran Sabana, Ven.) (BCP ID# H2025)
H. collina (AW)
H. elongata (Ilu Tepui) (AW)
H. exappendiculata "Aprada Giant" (MS?)
H. exappendiculata "Aprada Tepui" AW
H. exappendiculata "Clone 09" (Araopan Tepui)
H. exappendiculata "Ewok" (Apacapa Tepui)
H. exappendiculata (Amuri Tepui Clone 05-04) (AW)
H. exappendiculata (Apacapa Tepui) (AW)
H. exappendiculata (Araopan Tepui)
H. exappendiculata (Chimanta Tepui) (AW)
H. folliculata (Aparaman) (AW)
H. folliculata (BCP)
H. folliculata (Murosipan) (AW)
H. glabra (AW)
H. heterodoxa "Giant, +1' Pitchers" (Tim K. Clone, probably Kaven.)
H. heterodoxa "old AW clone"
H. heterodoxa "Old Borneo Exotics Clone" (Probably Gran Sabana)
H. hispada (AW)
H. huberi (Bonnetia Forest) (MS clone)
H. ionasii "G" (Ilu Tepui Area) (Possibly H. arenicola, H. elongata, or complex crosses with ionasii)
H. ionasii AW (2005-2008) Tim K.
H. macdonaldae (AW 2018)
H. minor "old AW clone"
H. minor var. Minor "Burgundy Black" (AW)
H. minor var. Minor "Cantley's Clone"
H. minor var. Minor "Selection 1" (AW)
H. minor var. Minor "Selection 4" (AW)
H. minor var. Minor (Auyan Tepui) (AW 2019)
H. minor var. Minor (TC clone)
H. minor var. Pilosa (Auyan Clone 01-06)
H. neblinae "Mysterious Giant" (AW)
H. neblinae (Bought as Cerro Neblina, probably Cerro Avispa) (AW 2019)
H. neblinae (Cerro Avispa) (AW)
H. nutans (Kukenan Tepui) (AW Clone 01)
H. nutans (Yurani Tepui) (AW Clone 02)
H. parva (Cerro Neblina) (AW 2019 Clone)
H. parva (Tim K.)
H. pulchella (Akopan) (Tim K.)
H. pulchella (Amuri Tepui, typical pulchella form) (AW)
H. pulchella (Apacapa Tepui) (AW 2019)
H. pulchella (Apacapa) (Tim K.)
H. pulchella (Chimanta Tepui) (AW Clone 01)
H. purpurascens (AW)
H. purpurascens (Ptari Tepui, BCP ID# H036) (mix of clones)
H. sarracenioides "green clone, pure" (AW 2017 Clone)
H. sarracenioides (AW 2010-2012 Clone)
H. sarracenioides (AW 2015 Clone)
H. sarracenioides (Ptari Tepui) (AW Clone 06)
H. sarracenioides (Ptari Tepui) (BCP ID# H033-07) (clone with fat pitchers and slit-like mouths)
H. spec. nov. "Angasima" (before 2015, clone 01)
H. spec. nov. "Akopan" (AW Clone 01)
H. spec. nov. "Akopan" (BCP clone)
H. spec. nov. "Angasima" (AW Clone 02)
H. tatei "Stem forming clone" (Tim K.)
H. tatei (BE Clone, probably Cerro Duida)
H. uncinata (Amuri) (AW)
H. uncinata (Amuri) (BCP)
Hx (collina x minor var. Minor)
Hx (glabra x nutans) x pulchella (Chimanta) (Tim K.)
Hx (heterodoxa "Giant" x folliculata) SG
Hx (heterodoxa x minor) (SNW clone)
Hx (heterodoxa x minor) x pulchella (Akopan)
Hx (huberi "Angasima" x [parva x neblinae] AW SG
Hx (huberi x pulchella) "Amuri Tepui" AW
Hx (ionasii "Killer" x minor var. Pilosa AW Clone 3)
Hx (ionasii "Killer" x parva "Extremely Hairy" AW SG
Hx (neblinae x hispada) (natural hybrid from Neblina)
Hx (nutans x pulchella "Akopan")
Hx (nutans x pulchella)
Hx (sarracenioides x purpurascens) (Ptari Tepui, interemediate natural hybrid) (BCP ID# H33-01)
Hx (sp. Venamo (collina) x minor var. Pilosa AW
Hx (tatei (Cerro Duida) x folliculata (Murosipan)) (CC)
Hx (tatei (Cerro Duida) x pulchella (Amuri) (CC)
Hx (tatei x heterodoxa) (NE Clone 1)
Hx 'Godzilla' (AW)
Hx huberi x pulchella (natural hybrid, older AW clone)
Hx 'Peter Pan' (AW)
Hx 'Scylla'
Hx 'Tequila Red'

C. follicularis "Agnes" CC
C. follicularis "Big Boy"
C. follicularis "Bubble Giant"
C. follicularis "CZ Plants Clone"
C. follicularis "Dudley Watts"
C. follicularis "Emu Point"
C. follicularis "Harald Weiner Giant"
C. follicularis "Hummer's Giant Imitator"
C. follicularis "Norma" CC
C. follicularis "Queen Mary"
C. follicularis "Short, Hairy SG Clone"
C. follicularis "SNW Clone" (red)
C. follicularis "Squat"
C. follicularis "Triffid Ablany Black"
C. follicularis "Typical from Tim K."
C. follicularis "Vigorous Clumping"
C. follicularis 'Elizabeth'
C. follicularis 'Hummer's Giant'

N. alba (Clone #1 AW)
N. albomarginata "Brunei Green" (BE-3004)
N. albomarginata (red traps, hairless form BCP ID# 1979)
N. argentii BCP # N293-01
N. aristolochioides (New Location, Sumatra) (AW)
N. attenboroughii (1650 m) SG (J. Harris)
N. attenboroughii (probably AW)
N. bicalcarata "Black, Squat Clone" (SG)
N. bicalcarata "Orange" (from mixed BE clones)
N. bicalcarata "Sipitang" AW
N. bicalcarata "Superb Shape, Red" (clone from BE mix)
N. bicalcarata (BCP ID# N406)
N. bongso SG
N. burbidgeae (Clone #1 AW )
N. campanulata (BE)
N. campanulata (Clone #2 AW)
N. ceciliae SG (BE-3708)
N. clipeata (AW?)
N. diabolica AKA "Red Hairy Hamata" (Clone #2 AW)
N. diabolica AKA "Red Hairy Hamata" (Clone #4 AW)
N. hamata (Gunung Katopasa) (AW)
N. hamata (Gunung Lumut) (Clone #1 AW)
N. hamata (Gunung Lumut) (Clone #2 AW)
N. hamitguitanensis (Mt. Hamiguitan) (AW Clone 04)
N. inermis (CK SG)
N. jacquelinaea (single clone, BE-3874)
N. jacquelinaea SG
N. leonardoi (Palawan) (AW Clone 06)
N. lowii (Gunung Mulu, Borneo) (AW)
N. mirabilis "Pink Clone"
N. mirabilis var. Globosa (BE-3928)
N. northiana "Red"
N. palawanensis (BE- 3651)
N. palawanensis SG (J. Harris)
N. pitopangii "Ivory Colored Form" (Clone #1 AW)
N. rafflesiana "Typical, green spotted pitchers"
N. rafflesiana "white pitchers" (SG)
N. rafflesiana var. Alata (EP Clone)
N. rafflesiana var. Alata (mixed Pearl River Exotics clones)
N. rajah (CC Clone K1)
N. rajah (Tambuyukon) SG
N. rhombicaulis (Gunung Pangulubao) (AW)
N. sanguinea "Orange" (SNW, male)
N. sibuyanensis (BE-3164)
N. singalana "Masuri form" (BE-3761)
N. spathulata (ABG Clone)
N. spec. "Kemiri" (AW, probably female)
N. tentaculata "Mt. Trusmadi" (Clone #1 AW)
N. tenuis (probably AW)
N. truncata "M" (EP)
N. truncata (stout, lowland MT Clone)
N. veitchii ("#5" x "The Wave") SG
N. veitchii (Batu Lawi) (AW Clone 07)
N. ventricosa "Black Peristome" (MT)
N. ventricosa "Porcelain" (true longwood clone, female)
N. ventricosa "Small, Red Clone" (male)
N. ventricosa ("Typical" x "Madja-As") SG
N. xiphioides (Toba Region) (Clone #4 AW)
Nx "Marbled Dragon"
Nx (nigra x diabolica AKA "Red Hairy Hamata")
Nx ('Splendiana' x [sibuyanensis x ventricosa])
Nx ('Splendid Diana' x veitchii "Pink Candy Cane") SG
Nx (veitchii x lowii)
Nx Briggsiana 'Peter D'Amato'
Nx Trusmadiensis (Mt. Trusmadi) (Clone #2 AW)
Nx Ventrata

S. alabamensis ssp. Alabamensis (UC Davis)
S. alata "Black Veins"
S. alata "Green, Giant CC Clone"
S. alata "Night" (original)
S. alata "Night" x self
S. alata "SG, orange"
S. alata "Wide Hood Stone Co., MS" C. Klein
S. alata SA08 x self (C. Klein) (extremely dark form)
S. flava "Beautiful Veined Clone, Eric Morrow"
S. flava "Lumpy"
S. flava (Ornata "Phil's Stud Clone" x Atropurpurea "F27")
S. flava (Rugelii clone A x Atropurperea Powhatan)
S. flava var. Atropurpurea "F27" x "Powhatan" (SG Calen H.)
S. flava var. Cuprea ("Bill Hoyer" x "Botanique")
S. flava var. Cuprea ("Bill Hoyer" x "Mclelkville, SC") SG
S. flava var. Flava "Near Shallotte, Brunswick Co., SC" SG (C. Klein)
S. flava var. flava (Maxima?) CC
S. flava var. Maxima "Honeysuckle Rd, Dolchester Co., SC" SG (C. Klein)
S. flava var. Ornata (?) F35EM
S. flava var. Rubricorpora "Liberty Co., FL"
S. flava var. Rubricorpora (maybe rugelii genes?) Libety Co., FL
S. flava var. Rubricorpora F40EM
S. flava var. Rugelii "Bulloch Co., GA" (Mike W.)
S. flava var. Rugelii "Okaloosa Co., FL" (Mike W.)
S. flava var. Rugelii "Santa Rosa Co., FL" Mike W. Clone #3
S. flava var. Rugelii "Tall Pitchers" (Josh L.)
S. flava var. Rugelii "Thick Pitchers" (Josh L.)
S. flava. var. Flava "Long, Lashing Pitchers" SG (C. Klein)
S. leucophylla "Baldwin Co., AL Eric Morrow Clone D"
S. leucophylla "Baldwin Co., AL" (Pubescent)
S. leucophylla "Big Spring Pitchers" C. Klein
S. leucophylla "Deer Park, Washington Co., AL" Pubescent L40 C. Klein
S. leucophylla "Early, reliable white pitchers, Baldwin Co., AL"
S. leucophylla "Escambia Co., FL"
S. leucophylla "Helmut's Delight" x self
S. leucophylla "Northern Baldwin Co., AL"
S. leucophylla "Stained Glass x Hurricane Creek White, Baldwin Co., AL"
S. leucophylla (similar to "CC's Monster)
S. leucophylla CC clone
S. leucophylla hybrids (CC)
S. leucophylla ICPS seeds (possible minor intergression)
S. leucophylla var. Alba
S. leucophylla var. Alba "Hurricane Creek White" (Clone A x F) SG
S. leucophylla var. Alba "Hurricane Creek White" Clone A
S. leucophylla var. Alba "Hurricane Creek White" SG
S. leucophylla var. Alba SG
S. minor var. Okefenokeensis "Brown Heads, Tall Pitchers" ex. Grabacher
S. minor var. Okefenokeensis "Ware Co., GA"
S. minor var. Okefenokeensis Josh L.
S. oreophylla "Sand Mountian"
S. psittacina var. Okefenokeensis "Santa Rosa Co., FL"
S. psittacina var. Okefenokeensis "Santa Rosa x Calhoun"
S. purpurea "Giant' x self SG
S. purpurea ssp. Purpurea (Jerry A.)
S. purpurea ssp. Venosa (SNW)
S. purpurea ssp. Venosa var. Burkii (AKA S. rosea) (SNW)
S. rubra ssp. rubra "Green Giant"
Sx "Feist Dog" (SG, purp hybrid)
Sx "Green Hybrid" (Eric Morrow)
Sx (Ares x Leah Wilkerson) FTK Seed
Sx (Big Dee x Lunchbox)
Sx (Black Widow x (moorei x Black Widow)
Sx (Blood In The Snow x Leah Wilkerson)
Sx (Cherries Jubilee x Moorei MPF-1) Phil Seed
Sx (Drew McLain x [HCW x Judith H.])
Sx (Drew McLain x Adrian Slack) Phil Seed
Sx (Drew Mclain x Moorei MPF1) Phil Seed
Sx (flava var. Rubricorpora x Legacy)
Sx (flava var. Rugelii "Giant" x Legacy)
Sx ('Hot Lips' x 'Judith Hindle')
Sx (Hot Lips x Legacy)
Sx (Hurricane Creek White Clone F x flava Ornata Killer)
Sx (Judith Hindle x Lee Wilkerson)
Sx (Judith Hindle x Legacy)
Sx (Leah Wilkerson x Reptilian Rose)
Sx (Leah Wilkerson x Super Heavy Veins)
Sx (leucophylla "Hurricane Creek White Clone F x flava 'Waccamaw')
Sx (leucophylla "Purple Lips" x [Leah Wilkerson x "Cobra's Nest"])
Sx (leucophylla "Purple Lips" x Adrian Slack)
Sx (leucophylla Hurricane Creek White x OP)
Sx (leucophylla Hurricane Creek White x White Lightning)
Sx (Megamouth x Saurus)
Sx (Moorei "Pink Top" x Areolata Giant)
Sx (oreophylla x flava ornata) "drooped peristome #13"
Sx (oreophylla x flava ornata) "drooped peristome B"
Sx (oreophylla x flava)
Sx (oreophylla x Leah Wilkerson)
Sx (purpurea Montana x flava Rubri)
Sx (Red Minor x OP) ICPS Seed
Sx (Rubri x Saurus)
Sx (Saxapawah x leucophylla) ICPS Seed
Sx (Scarlet Belle)
Sx (Super Heavy Veins x Legacy) Phil Seed
Sx (Vinter's treasure x flava Atropurpurea)
Sx areolata "White Knight"
Sx areolata (leuco green, white x alata nigrapurpurea)
Sx areolata 'White Night'
Sx 'Bug Bat'
Sx 'Green Prince'
Sx 'Leah Wilkerson'
Sx leucophylla x (leucophylla x rubra ?)
Sx Moorei "Blood Moon" x minor "Okee Giant"
Sx moorei "MPF-1 x MPF-2"
Sx moorei (Super Heavy Veins x Legacy)
Sx oreophylla x Leah Wilkerson "Clone D Eric Morrow"

P. agnata "Red Leaf"
P. agnata (El Lobo, BCP ID# P269, P542, P2034, P2210)
P. agnata (SNW clone)
P. agnata 'True Blue'
P. calderoniae (Llano del Conecho, San Luis Potosi, Mex. BCP ID# P614, P618)
P. cyclosecta
P. debbertiana "Metallic Purple"
P. emarginata (red colored and big rosette BCP ID# P360, P1286)
P. emarginata (typical form)
P. esseriana "purple flowered clone"
P. gigantea T. Krug
P. gracilis
P. gypsicola
P. heterophylla
P. javaumensis
P. kondoi "Giant" (BCP Clone)
P. laueana "CalCarn Red" (A. Lau Clone)
P. laueana "Typical Red"
P. laueana (Undulate Geranium Flower, BCP ID# P2193, 2277)
P. laxifolia
P. martinezii
P. moctezumae
P. moranensis "Libelulita"
P. moranensis "M"
P. moranensis "Valle De Bravo"
P. moranensis f. "Vera Cruz"
P. moranensis SNW (very similar to "J")
P. moranensis var. Caudata
P. moranensis var. Roseii
P. orchioides (AKA P. stolonifera, true) (BCP ID# P483)
P. sp. "Alfred Lau #13" (closely related to gigantea)
P. sp. "Huajuapan" (moranensis or rectifolia)
P. sp. Tonala "ANPA A"
P. sp. Yucca DO 1713
Px (gigantea x [heterophylla x medusiana]) BCP
Px (laueana "Typical Red" x gigantea) Clone K3
Px (laueana x emarginata) (nice clone with deep purple blooms)
Px (moctezumae x agnata)
Px (moctezumae x gypsicola)
Px ? (OPed, probably gypsicola hybrid)
Px ? (similar to 'Weser')
Px 'Aphrodite' (agnata x moct)
Px 'BCP Golden Eye'
Px 'Gina' (zecheri x agnata)
Px 'Marciano' (medusiana x [mor x ehlersiae]
Px 'Razzberry Blonde'
Px 'Riva'
Px 'Titan' (agnata Scented x unknown sp.)
Px 'Weser' (ehl x mor) (true clone)

D. adelae "Giant"
D. admirabilis
D. aff. Brevicornis (Mt. Bomford, Kimberley)
D. aff. Lanata (Flying Fox Creek, N.T.)
D. aff. Ordensis "Kingston Rest, Kimberley (North)"
D. aff. Ordensis (Kingston Rest) (very wide leaf relative)
D. affins
D. alba (LabFlytrap TC Clone)
D. aliciae "FTC seed bank"
D. anglica (Alaka'i Swamp, HI) (genetic diversity)
D. arenicola (Tim K.)
D. binata "Marston's Dragon" (binata var. Dichotoma "giant" x binata var. Multifida f. Extrema)
D. binata (Blackmans Bay, Tasmania) SG
D. binata (Desert Rd., Wailhohonu, New Zealand, 1080 m elevation)
D. binata (Marston's Dragon x Multifida Extrema)
D. binata var. Dichotoma "small red form"
D. binata var. Ditchotoma "green, giant clone"
D. binata var. Multifida f. Extrema
D. broomensis (Deep Creek, Kimberley)
D. burmanii "large green plants with many small white flowers" (Norwa, W.A.) (Lowrie)
D. burmanii (FTC Seed Bank)
D. burmannii "Giant red form" (Hann River, Kimberley)
D. burmannii (Beerwah, AU) (Lowrie)
D. burmannii (Hong Kong)
D. caduca "White Flower" (Bachsten Creek, Kimberley)
D. camporupestris (Thomas W.)
D. capensis "Big Pink" (true clone)
D. capensis "Big Pink" x self
D. capensis "Broad leaf form, upright" (Heuning Klip, RSA)
D. capensis "Giant" x self
D. capensis "hairy form" (Stellenbosch, RSA) (Lowrie)
D. capensis "huge, purple plants when mature" (1285 m asl Matroosberg)
D. capensis "Large narrow leaf form" (Travellers' Rest, near Clanwilliam, RSA)
D. capensis "Long Lamina Clone"
D. capensis "Lotus Eater" (similar to Hercules, longer lamina)
D. capensis "Meadowview Wideleaf" (giant clone)
D. capensis "Red Form"
D. capensis "Typical"
D. capensis "upright growing, hairy plants" (Near Kleinmond)
D. capensis (1500 m asl Hexriver Mtns., near Matroosberg, Western Cape Pro.)
D. capensis (800 m asl Kockedouw Dam, Near Ceres, Western Cape Pro., SA)
D. capensis (Drie Kuilen, The Klein, Karoo)
D. capensis (Du Toilskloof Pass, Western Cape Pro., SA)
D. capensis (Matroosberg, Silverhill) (A. Lowrie)
D. capensis (Pakhuis Pass) (A. Lowrie)
D. capensis (Palmiet River) (BCP Clone)
D. capensis (Roadside Seepage along R301, Bainskloof)
D. capensis (Theewaterskloof) (A. Lowrie)
D. capensis 'Hercules'
D. capensis 'Hercules' x self
D. capensis var. Alba "All green plant with white flowers" (Lowrie)
D. capensis var. Alba (Bainskloof, RSA)
D. capensis var. Alba (larger, slow plants)
D. capensis var. Alba (small, very vigorous plants)
D. cistiflora (LabFlytrap TC Clone)
D. collinsae (Usthu River, Swaziland) (Lowrie)
D. cuneifolia (Table Mountian, RSA) (Lowrie)
D. dilato-petiolaris
D. esterhuyseniae (350 m asl Kleinriver Mtns., near Hermanus, Western Cape Pro., SA)
D. falconeri "Crimson Giant"
D. falconeri "Wangi Form"
D. felixicaulis (Mbala, Zambia) A. Lowrie
D. glabripes (300 M asl Kleinriver Mtns., Above Hermanus)
D. grantsaui (Grao Mogol, Minas Gerais, Braz.)
D. grantsaui (Serra de Camasha)
D. graomogolensis (SNW Clone)
D. hamiltonii (T. Krug clone)
D. hilaris (Table Mt., SA BCP ID# D958, D1311)
D. hyperostigma
D. intermedia "Temprate Form"
D. intermedia (Cuba)
D. intermedia (Mt. Roraima)
D. kennealyii "N.T. Form" (Fog Bay (Ant Mound Region), N.T.)
D. lanata "TYPE" (Lotus Glen, Mareeba)
D. lasiantha
D. latifolia (Itarare)
D. latifolia (SNW Clone)
D. latifolia (Stemming, Tim K. Clone)
D. magnifica (NE Clone 16)
D. menziesii
D. murfetii "Leaves to 12 cm long, flowers large, white with red stigmas" (Ladies Tarn 1000 m , Hartz Mountians, Tasmania)
D. murfetii (The Druids, Tasmania) (Mark A.)
D. natalensis "white flower form" (Bulungula, Eastern Cape Pro., SA)
D. neocaledonica
D. nidiformis (Near Port Edwards, Eastern Cape Pro., SA)
D. nitidula ssp. Nitidula (CC)
D. nitidula ssp. Nitidula (Mike T.)
D. oblanceolata (T. Krug)
D. ordensis (Kununurra, Kimberley) (13 km West)
D. ordensis (Kununurra, Kimberley) (21 km east)
D. ordensis (Timber Creek, N.T.)
D. oreopodion
D. paleacea ssp. Paleacea
D. paradoxa "Small, Stemless Swamp Form"
D. parvula
D. peltata
D. petiolaris
D. prolifera
D. pulchella "Pink Flower"
D. ramentacea (800 M asl Riversonderend Mtns., Eastern Cape Pro.)
D. rubrifolia
D. schizandra (NE)
D. schwackei (Diamantina, MG, Brazil)
D. scorpioides "Light Pink Flower" (SNW)
D. slackii
D. solaris (Marginma Tepui)
D. spathulata (Gold Coast, AU)
D. spathulata (possibly Tokaiensis) (SNW)
D. spathulata 'Tamlin'
D. spiralis (Bocaiuva, Minas Gerais, Brazil)
D. spiralis (Boturumin, Minas Gerais, Braz.)
D. spiralis (Grao Mogol, Minas Gerais, Braz.)
D. spiralis (Parque Nacional Das Sermpe Vivas, Minas Gerais, Braz.)
D. squamosa
D. tomentosa var. Tomentosa (Grao Mogol)
D. tomentosa var. Tomentosa (Morro De Janerio, Braz.)
D. trichocaulis
D. ultramafica (true UK clone)
D. venusta
D. villosa T. Krug
D. viridis (Serra de Canasta) (BCP Clone)
D. xerophila (300 m asl Kleinriver Mtns., near Hermanus, Western Cape Pro., SA)
Dx (aff. Ordensis x darwinensis)
Dx (darwinensis x ordensisi)
Dx (falconeri x ordensis ) x aff. Ordensis
Dx (sp. "Lantau Island" x capensis)
Dx 'Andromeda'
Dx 'Carburup'
Dx 'Dr. Frankensnyder's Monster'
Dx 'Tom Turpin'

U. apina
U. bisquamata "Purple Flower"
U. calycifida 'Asenath Waite' (Barry Rice)
U. dichotoma
U. fulva (Rockhole, W.A)
U. humboldtii "Broad Leaf" (Cerro Neblina, Braz. Ven.)
U. jamesoniana
U. longifolia (NE Clone)
U. monanthosa (Queenstown, AU)
U. neprophylla
U. prehensilis
U. reniformis (Serra Do Mar, Brazil)
U. sandersonii
U. simplex (Karriale, W.A)
U. tricolor

D. muscipula "DC XL'
D. muscipula "FTS Towering Giant"
D. muscipula "G17" (AKA Megatraps)
D. muscipula "Rehder Giant #1"
D. muscipula "Typical"
D. muscipula "Unlabled Giant Cultivar"
D. muscipula 'B52'
D. muscipula 'SD Kronos'

D. californica (SNW x self) SG 2020
D. californica CC Clone
D. californica ICPS SG 2019
D. californica SNW Clone

B. hechtioides (Gran Sabana, Ven. different clones BCP ID# 991

C. berteroniana (Near Santa Elena, G.S., Ven. BCP ID# 1114, 1116, 1118, 1415)
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SASE received. Order is fulfilled. Return envelope[…]

SASE received. Order is fulfilled. Return envelope[…]

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