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By bleuAylien
Posts:  10
Joined:  Thu Oct 29, 2020 5:07 pm
I'd like to buy some VFT seeds and try to grow them. It's late October so i'm wondering if this is a good time to try and grow one from a seed since winter is coming soon. Will it just grow slower? or should I wait until late january/fab to try growing from seeds?
I dont have too much experience, so i'm still learning with my 2 plants :D
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By Panman
Posts:  654
Joined:  Wed Mar 04, 2020 8:41 pm
I would say that it depends on whether you have some good, strong grow lights. If so, and if you can keep the temperature around 80 for germination, then you should be able to do it. The challenge with starting them at this time of year is the reduced sunlight and generally cooler temperatures.
By SundewWolf
Posts:  2212
Joined:  Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:38 pm
If you get a Yescom 225 panel and start them indoors you can do it. I always do this to get a few months head start on the growing season, that way they are large enough for dormancy their first year.

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