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By mvenenga
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Hello All! New to the hobby so I decided to dip my toes in this past spring. I bought a five plant starter kit and I'm now heading into my first fall with the plants. All my plants are currently and have always been indoor (not temperature controlled throughout summer). They are located on a tea cart next to our kitchen window. All receive direct morning light and indirect the rest of the day.

Background: I have a sarracenia hybrid and the hoods started to develop brown tips late summer. I thought it could be a water and/or sun issue. Adjust things a bit and it didn't get any worse.

Since then fall has begun where I live with outdoor daily highs around 50F or 10C. We haven't turned on the heat yet, so the apartment its around 70F or 21C.

Now most hoods have a little brown and a few are dying off. These aren't necessarily the oldest hoods either. Also some of the new shoots are wavy. I can't say I've noticed this before.

Question: Is this just the start of winter dormancy or is something wrong? If something is wrong, what might it be and how could I fix it? Finally, should I move them to my cellar for winter (much cooler with next to no indirect light from a small garden window)?

Thanks for any help!
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By Matt
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Hello and welcome to FlytrapCare!

I don't see anything to be concerned about in the photos. Your pitcher plant (a S. purpurea) is just shedding some older pitchers. They don't seem to care much about seasons and will retain their newest pitchers through dormancy and shed older pitchers in the middle of the growing season. I think they typically shed pitchers based on age of the pitcher, and not so much based on dormancy time.
mvenenga wrote:Finally, should I move them to my cellar for winter (much cooler with next to no indirect light from a small garden window)?
I would just keep them wherever they would get the best light. The drosera in the photo look to be D. capensis, so they don't need a dormancy. The purpurea should be fine with mild temperatures.
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