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By Joshuamarshall792
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I am AWEFUL at vfts, my climate right now is 40 DEGREES IN TEXAS!!! You read that right... My Leo and my sarracenia purpurea is growing under a modified light of mine, not the philips bulb... It is the pink colored bulb the plant looked awful after a few days later of receiving it... It is slowly coming back, I know you guys won't be very happy about this...... I chopped it down due to diseased leaves! It actually is coming back...... But... sanguinerocks recommended recommended I posted a new thread to help me diagnose this plant, the plant has a nice rosette right now... Probably because it is in dormancy, but I do need help... I have a picture of it when I posted it and sanguinerocks said something about it and a picture of it now....Image here it was when sanguinerocks said somethingImage here it is nowImage zoomed out now picture

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By sanguinearocks101
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The tiny trap suggests that it might have too little light, but it might just be stressed out from you chopping it down(for the sake of your flytraps please don’t cut all the leaves down again) I think the best situation for you it to slowly acclimate it to an outside environment. It will undoubtedly require more frequent watering out there but it’s better than keeping it inside. As long as you don’t acclimate it too fast it will be fine.
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