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By Rudy1776
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Joined:  Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:57 pm
Howdy Folks!

So I’ll preface this by saying Pings are probably where I am most ignorant and still learning. I still get confused on the differences with terms such as Temperate, Mexican Pings, Tropical, Intermediate, etc. Specifically what each means for growing conditions.

Anyway! I am THRILLED to have found a Ping. Gigantea! I sought after one for some time now! What is your advice to help this guy thrive now and onward?

I live in Houston, with a south facing balcony.

Current Conditions:
-Indoors on my grow rack. Under a Yescom 225 light (which other CP’s seem to love).
-Lights are on a consistent 14 hour photoperiod.
-Room temperature with rather ambient humidity, I do have a shower curtain around my rack.
-Soil is what was included from CP nursery. Looks like a peat and small gravel mix, probably 3:1 gravel.
-I am watering by using my spray bottle and misting a bunch of times on the soil near the base of the plants.

Thanks in Advance!


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By Apollyon
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Pings are weird and people have different responses from them. Some don't grow in some conditions. What I did for mine is I put mine under high humidity. Every so often I watered lightly on the top, but I kept it tray watered. I wanted to simulate humid summer conditions. They like the photoperiod fine. Once I noticed that the leaves had dew on the under side I backed off from top watering. It did its own work eating gnats but I did fertilize it regularly. When I got it, it was an inch and a half. Once it "woke up," it started growing pretty fast. My soil is very porous, which allowed me to be more liberal with watering, I'm sure. I had it in a mix of equal parts peat/perlite/pool filter sand/turface, and 1 tbsp of dolomite/calcitic lime, as ICPS recommended. I have that one growing under T5HO lights. Temperatures are roughly 77 degrees. I also have a pulling from it under Yescom lights like yours and it's doing fine. I find pinguiculas overall grow more rapidly in higher humidity conditions, though some don't appear to like it long term.

gigantea is a little different with its winter phase. I know a lot of people top water but if the soil is relatively dry, the plant will respond to those conditions.
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By jeff
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Joined:  Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:41 pm
from may to october, you can leave it outside, in the shade, half shade or morning sun, watering every 15 days.
limestone mineral mixture for me
from october to may inside my garage (12-15 ° c) in front of a south-facing window, without watering.

note that it goes into dormancy by reducing the surface of its leaves,unlike other Mexicans

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