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List the plants you grow

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By Berrybob
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Joined:  Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:42 am
CC= California Carnivores
FTK= Flytrap King
FTCF= Flytrap Care Forums/ Seedbank
F- From a Friend
W/HD/L= Walmart-Home Depot- Lowes
Carnivorous Plant Resource-
JDCP= Jersey Devil Carnivorous plants
W= Wistuba

Nepenthes Sanguinea (F)

A ton of Drosera Capensis 'Alba' seedlings (FTCF)
Drosera Binata (CC)
Possibly drosera intermedia (CC)
Drosera Burmanii 'Humty Doo' seedlings(FTCF)
Drosera Filiformis "Florida Red" (JDCP)
Drosera Intermedia "NJ Pine Barrens" (JDCP)
Drosera Auriculata "Sydney" seedlings (FTCF)

Sarracenia (x 'Lynda Butt') x Leucophylla 'Schnell's Ghost' (CC)
Sarracenia 'Lunch Box' x 'Kilimanjaro' (FTK)
Sarracenia 'Lunchbox' x "Johnny Wilkerson" (FTK)
Sarracenia Purpurea "Venosa Red" (FTK)

Cephalotus Folliculars AGB (CC)
Cephalotus 'Eden Black' (FTCF)

Heliamphora Pulchella (Churi Tepui, Venezuela) (W)

Utricularia Bisquamata (CC)

Death cube VFT (HD)
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By Berrybob
Posts:  307
Joined:  Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:42 am
Looking to buy:
Sarracenia Purpurea Purpurea
D. Muscipula 'Purple Haze'
Drosera Madagascariensis
Pygmy Drosera
Drosera Neocaledonica
Any Heliamorpha
Any Cephalotus
By Berrybob
Posts:  307
Joined:  Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:42 am
Updated. Unfortunately, I woke up to a pot of crispy binata multitude extrema strikes from nepenthes0260. I dont know what happened, they were doing well for a few months. Sorry for burning those leaf cuttings that you gave me.
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