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By Apollyon
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Very true. Those components in fertilizers are essential for different kind of plants in pots. I feel a lot people are so scared to experiment that they never tried. Dyna-gro for instance. It's crossed my mind before but I thought CPs were limited to "seaweed" for its gentle properties. I use the classic on my other plants. I've thought about using it more recently after I saw the stuff about foliage pro and looked into it. francisfaustino (guy i bought my cephalotus from) uses fp on his eden black as well as "protekt". My dynagro is a 7-9-5. Maybe spray some of that for root growth and supplement nitrogen from bloodworms or something. It could be that there are elements in the typical fertilizers that would make a difference. Trace amounts of magnesium or iron, etc. I believe Maxsea is loved because it's generic and gentle on the plants. It really eliminates the guesswork of other fertilizers. I honestly believe that there would be a sweet spot with root fertilization but I believe there's more of a risk with environmental conditions that would keep it from the mainstream. For instance, Maxsea "1/4 to 1/2 tsp per gallon" is a universal measurement that works with every CP I own from byblis to nepenthes. I don't think I could get away with 3 pellets of osmocote in a 2.5inch pot for a typical sundew, but possibly one pellet in a high light environment. People's growing conditions are different so when we hear someone spiked their plant with fertilizer and it died back, we're usually assuming its incompatible. I have a lot of seeds sprouting for Drosera Serpens (apparently loves being fed). When they mature some and I separate them, I think I'm going to use osmocote like my Regia and see where it lands.
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By GreenOhio
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Gave Wally a haircut. Dormancy is a few weeks away.
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