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By P A U L
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So about 2 months ago I bought a potted plant. A few days later I found 1 long worm. I think I threw it in the toilet.

2 weeks ago, I found a bunch of worms crawling around. I dunked my potted plant in water hoping to force them to the surface. Oh gawd, the plant was on the end table next to my bed.

(Side notes: I drop the 2nd round of worms onto my sundew. They can move through them very easily. Damn it. So I grabbed them again and fed them to Wally. Later when the traps re-opened, the worms basically disintegrated and left virtually no husk...just a barely visible outline like a detective's tracing at a murder scene.)

Ok so my potted plant's soil seems to be basically coffee grinds. When I water it from the top...specks of it come out through the bottom holes like black pepper. When I poke the top, it feels like...the wet coffee after a brew.

Is there some way to replenish the soil without me having to re-pot it? I'm not quite a green thumb and the last pot I tried to re-pot died.
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