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By Avery Leatherwood
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Joined:  Mon May 18, 2020 2:10 pm
Hey Guys!
So I bought a drosera intermedia about two months ago, and it has been doing great in my bog garden. That was until about two weeks ago I noticed it was starting to wither. Upon further inspection, it had about 5 different plants all coming from the same root system so I concluded it was being over crowded by its babies and needed to be split. I finally got the courage to do it a week ago (this kind of thing scares me since I am ripping apart my plant...) and so, gently, I split the plant into 3 adult looking sundews, and 4 ranging from tinny tiny sprouts to medium sized plants. I lost two of the small ones within 3 days to a fungus that over took them (and I have made sure this fungus wont spread) and at first I thought I was losing the rest too. But today when I was looking at them, it appeared they were simply forming their hibernacula and going dormant. Is this okay since I don't think they would really have their roots set in the ground yet? or do you think this will cause them to die throughout winter?
By the way, most of my carnivorous plants are going dormant now (which of course I didn't think about when I did the split) because it is already getting cold here, so temperature wise I think it is normal that the sundews are going dormant already.

Any thoughts?

Lastly, if my baby sundew split-lings (I have no idea what to call them...) make it, do you think I should keep them indoors over winter, or allow them to go dormant?

Thanks in advance!
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By optique
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Joined:  Fri May 24, 2019 11:15 pm
i got my intermedia as a hitchhiker and it is very hardy. I have it scattered in my larger plants pots, it can take the heat,cold,sun and shade. i am sure if you just leave it alone it will be fine.

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