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By Do_Gon
Posts:  157
Joined:  Tue May 07, 2019 5:29 pm
Hello everyone. I recently found out about the Southern California Carnivorous Plants Enthusiasts or SCCPE , (pronounced skippy). Apparently they're having a summer end sale and meet up this weekend. Anyone else in So. Cal hear of this organization or plan on going? It's going to be outdoors, masks only, and socially distanced so it sounds relatively safe and exciting.
By Do_Gon
Posts:  157
Joined:  Tue May 07, 2019 5:29 pm
murrkywaters wrote:How was it?

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Outdoor, in a park. Everyone maintained social distancing while walking around the few stands that were there. I was expecting more vendors but it was still pretty cool. 7 or so vendors were there and setup by 11:15 when I arrived. (15 minutes after it opened) There was another just arriving shortly after. The ones I was looking forward to hadn't arrived yet by the time I left so I was mildly disappointed. They probably showed up after I left. But the other vendors were still really cool. Plenty of Sarracenias, Sundews, Flytraps, Nepenthes, and even some Utrics. I'm going to keep up with this group and definitely try to hit the next one. The sale before this one included online shopping so maybe that will bring more people in. It's really exciting to be on the ground floor as an organization like this just gets started. This has the potential to be huge like reptile shows are getting.

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