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By That one plant boi
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Hello guys! So I'm asking this question because in about a week, us central Floridians are going to start experiencing day temps in the low 80s/high 70s and night temps around mid 60s. I'm going to bring it indoors and grow it under artificial lighting in a terrarium for the rest of the year until we around spring. The terrarium gets to around 93 degrees and I was worried that such constantly high temperatures would negatively affect it. I know they can tolerate a lot of heat but I'm just not sure, so that's why I'm asking you guys.


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By Adelae
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I've only had mine for a couple months, but my apartment is a freaking sauna in the summer and its spot by the south facing window has gotten into the mid 90s when the sun shines in on hot days (I think I even saw 98 once?) It's been pitchering the whole time.

It does go back down into the low to mid 70s at night, though. Maybe someone else can weigh in on constant high temps.
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By That one plant boi
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Nepenthes0260 wrote:Bical loves the heat. My lowland setup gets near 100 and my four clones of bical love it and are pitchering. I've found that too low of temps negatively affect bical but all the hot temps I've tried get only good results.
Awesome, thanks!

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By jiacheow
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93 is ok, it’s still within the temperature range we experience here in malaysia (bicals are native to east Malaysia). 100 for extended periods is probably unnecessary though. We only get that hot when it’s really hot. ... t-so-much

I suspect many lowland neps actually benefit from slightly cooler temperatures, some of the nicest lowland plants I’ve seen are grown in hilly/forested areas and there must be a reason why plenty of lowland neps are grown wholesale in nurseries located in semi-highland locations like Cameron highlands.

This ^^^^

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