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By Shadowtski
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sanguinearocks101 wrote: Wed Jul 08, 2020 11:15 pm What media do you grow it in? I want to get one but I’m a bit scared of it getting crown rot.
There's peat, sand, perlite, and God-only-knows what else in there.
There's more non-organic stuff than peat moss, maybe 25 - 33% peat.
I just sit in in a very shallow water tray, almost never more than 1/4 inch water in it.
I've had this plant for a couple years.
So it's pretty much OK with how I am growing it.
By twitcher
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Ha! Thanks for sharing MIke. I can just hear the myriad tiny screams as your plant strives for a local genocide. One of my pings actually caught a housefly yesterday that had been eluding my efforts to catch for more than a day. Its the small things in life...
By crazy_carnivores
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nice! mine is not doing too well. I keep it in bright light with full water all the time
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By Bob Beer
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I’m with Jeff, no need to keep it sopping wet. This is a plant that grows on rock ledges and outcrops, not bogs.

Some people have found that some lime in the soil helped them get great size. That didn’t make much difference for me, but the addition of some compost to the soil (don’t overdo it) made mine take off after staying almost the same size for years.

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By Apollyon
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Hard to say here. I grow mine apparently much different from you guys. When I received it, it was about a 1.5 inch pulling. Didn't really do anything at all for a while (month or two). I intended to dome some other stuff in its tray and I really didn't have anywhere to accommodate a different environment so I kept that one in there too. The water level is about an inch to an inch and a half in a typical 4 inch pot. My media is mostly inorganic stuff; I do an equal recipe of peat/perlite/turface/silica sand and I did go with ICPS 1 tbsp of dolomite/calcitic lime (it was a mixture apparently). It sat for a little bit but then it really got going. I've had it underneath for close to two months and it's about 5 inches in diamater and growing larger each leaf. I do fertilize the plant regularly. Light mist once a week with 1/4 to 1/2 tsp maxsea and it destroys the springtails that are roaming around the humid environment. The lower half of the plant is covered. Wonder what triggers these plants to grow like that. I have a pulling that hasn't moved at all lol. Microscopic thing; it ran out of leaf before it could really get going.
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By Bob Beer
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I have has certain plants just stall. I have an agnata Red Leaf that has done that. My other agnatas are great but it has sat there for almost two years. It doesn’t die, it just hangs on. I’ve tried different mixes too. Nothing! It grew quite well when I first got it, then I almost lost several plants during a winter when temperatures were too warm. It’s just never really recovered.

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