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By Joshuamarshall792
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I finally have a HUGE enough collection of vfts and dews I have a few b52s that weren't doing very good I had a very bad feeling that they wouldn't make it! because literally none of the traps would close... And then...... A FREAKING MIRACLE HAPPENED! The baby b52s started shooting up tons and tons of new growth! And I had a open trap this morning when I got my package from MikeB! And he was awesome to send a whole lot of plants for me and then I found out...... I had a working trap!!! On the b52!!! The plant was recovering! I'm extremely happy and one of the new traps after feeding all of the old traps that would take a WHOLE day to close on the fish pellets I would feed them but this new trap... Huh... It closed on the fish bite slowly but it closed! Within 20 seconds it fully shut!!! And the red dragon vfts that I got today from Mike closed on the fish pellets very quickly at a perfect place/speed so did the typicals he sent me!! The drosera intermedia got lotsa dew once I misted the plant just a little! That's what I like about temperate sundews they don't need tropical weather nor do they need much humidity! They are just like fly traps! And I gotta thank mike for all the plants he sent me! I wouldn't have a collection at all if it wasn't for him! I got a small bag of sphagnum moss, a mixture of 50% peat 25% perlite and maybe 25% of silica??? I can't really tell but it drains very fast and it holds water very well and I definitely see perlite in there! So I think my tall planter full of carnivores Is very helpful and complete! But what sucks is my dad has to get pest control people out today or tomorrow and we won't have bugs at ALL! but here are my plants!

snap em up!!!
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By Propag8
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Glad your b52 is recovering. In my experience it's a very vigorous plant mine outgrew all my other cultivars in no time and the 3 divisions I've had a growing pretty quick too. Mikeb knows his stuff so I bet your plants are in very good condition. :D
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