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By twitcher
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Yes, by re-hydrate, I mean briefly soak in water a few minutes before feeding. I have no way of knowing it for sure, but I believe it helps with digestion and speeds the process.
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By Adriana
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update, they are doing well in their cloche and the live sphagnum a kind board member shared with me is also doing well!
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By hungry carnivores
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Transparent leaves I'd watch. It always causes problem with me and my Schizandra. Maybe up the light a touch, decrease water?
By Adriana
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Joined:  Thu Oct 24, 2019 8:47 pm
Thank you for commenting. It's actually not sitting in water I don't need to water it much. It's in a cloche (glass cover) so it's not losing water. I have it out of the cloche for two 15-30 min bouts per day, it's averaging 60% humidity here. At what humidity do you have the schizandra?

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