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By Matt
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It isn't clear to me from what has been written in this thread already whether or not these plants were growing outside at all before you recently moved them out into full sun. I could be as simple as sunburn that is causing the yellowing of the leaves. It could also be crown rot if they've been growing indoors and kept too wet. I'd need more information to know for sure.

Either way, the plant in the photo of the original post certainly looks pretty healthy in terms of new growth but could probably benefit from a repotting.
By DannyDo
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The plant was mostly inside but i put it out to get more sun between 10:00 to 6:00 and when there wasn't sun I would just leave it inside. One evening after a pretty hot day i noticed that the new growth from the middle have died and after that all of the leaves started yellowing pretty fast and then turn black.
I currently took the plant out of the pot clean the roots rip off the ugly black and yellow leaves and put it in the distilled water for a night . the rhizome did not seem to be rotted(it wasn't soft or anything) and in the morning I think it started new growth. However there is something black in the middle of the rhizome but it is firm and if removed the plant would fall apart to leaves.
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