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By tracieh
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Last fall I bought 2 death cube neps from Lowes. I put them in the same pot and at the beginning of the summer they started producing their first pitchers. They had been producing leaves for awhile though. Now out of no where one of them is producing leaves but they are not getting any larger than like half an inch. It's hard to see but there are like 3 clumps of stubby growths. One of the plants is still growing just fine- which makes me think that it is not pests. This has been going on a few weeks so I would have thought since they share a pot the pests would also be shared by now? The plant in question is still producing beautiful pitchers as well and the new growths keep popping up. Will these leaves eventually grow? Is there a way to get this plant back on the right track??

nep1.jpg (36.42 KiB) Viewed 609 times
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